Prison Officer Commercial - Music version

Asifiqbal patel
about 1 year agoOctober 17, 2017
i like to help people please i am happy to do voluntary work because i dont have a job at the moment so its batter to help my community

kind regard 
Asif patel
11 months agoDecember 2, 2017
Appreciate it for helping out, great information. kbcfeekfkkge
igbaifua matthew
12 months agoOctober 25, 2017
I would very much like to be part of the team.
Eric Onuorah
12 months agoOctober 26, 2017
I can wait to join the prison officers in this role. I have applied and Ican't wait to be selected for recruitment processess
Aneequa Asif
12 months agoOctober 30, 2017
i want to be part of this amazing thing
Julia Coleman
12 months agoNovember 2, 2017
I have 9 years NHS experience front line helping patients with what ever they need trying to make things easier for them. in this role no two days are the same. I love that about the job. Now Iwould like a different challenge and help others in need and try to make a difference .
12 months agoNovember 4, 2017
i have 12 years of pharmacy work i also care fore people with mental health problems i have great communication skills a calm manor and love a challenge  i also love to listen and help people as much as i can and also have lots of empathy for people in sad and hard times and would love to help and make a difference to someones life
Gill Gulliver
12 months agoNovember 5, 2017
I have experience both in sales and in Foster Care. I believe that means I may have the gift of the gab but also experience in coping with young people with various behavioural issues. Having worked also as part of a large office group, I do miss the teamwork and camaraderie. It would be great to use all of these skills for a worthwhile purpose. This is why I would like to join the prison service.
Louise Hartley
12 months agoNovember 6, 2017
I would love this opportunity as I feel I am suited for this type of role, I want to have a job where I am helping people and get a sense of achievement at the end of each day, I have great empathy and communication skills with a very positive attitude, I would love to be part of your team.
Debbie Pilgrim
12 months agoNovember 8, 2017
We live and work in a cold hard world.  I would love to make it a better place by helping people improve their behaviour and turn their lives around; to help offenders to build a future for themselves and for the greater good of society.  This task is clearly a challenge, but there must be a great sense of achievement with ANY success, no matter how small.  I like the idea of a supportive team and camaraderie, where the ability to listen to properly and empathise with those that do need us can expect to be treated fairly and can see integrity in action.  Its a worthwhile profession with real purpose.  Good communication skills and a positive attitude can deliver results so I want to do something amazing and serve as part of your team in HM Prison Service.
Gary blacklock
10 months agoDecember 11, 2017
After looking at a role of a prison officer, I believe that I may have found a career that is suited to my attitude and personality. I love to help people, seem to have a calming influence and have very good interpersonal skills. Although I've never thought that this role could be for me, the more I find the more I feel it could just be. so I applied and within 1 hour of completing the application I'm over the moon to get to the first interview stage. I love working within a team enviroment and this challenge is exciting to say the least.
10 months agoDecember 14, 2017
After working in a public environment over the last 14yrs  I've came across all different situations with people management, I find this job role would suit my personality as I'm a caring and fair person. I'm up for a new challenge and very excited to be taking part in my first interview stage.
9 months agoJanuary 23, 2018
9 months agoFebruary 1, 2018
I think to join this team is a dream comes true and would love that for change.
9 months agoFebruary 4, 2018
I have 8 years Care Worker's experience front line taking care of the Clients with whatever they need to make things easier for them and also have some years experience with Police team in my country. Now I like to work in different organisation to achieve more knowledge I would be very much happy to be part of Prison Team  in the United Kingdom
8 months agoFebruary 15, 2018
I would like to be part of the team to work as care assistant with women and children .I love the work and would be very happy to be part of the team.
8 months agoFebruary 24, 2018
Steve Anderson.     Applying to become a prisoner officer it looks rewarding and challenging
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